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Patient Participation Group Newsletter
Volumn 2, Issue 4 (Summer Edition)

Patient Procedures for Use of the Practice

Patients telephone contact is with a trained Patient Care Navigator who listens to the patients problem and directs them to most appropriate source of help.

If it is a routine medical query, the Care Navigator will look for the most appropriate and convenient appointment available. If the issue discussed is viewed as being more urgent and advice is required, the care Navigator will look for a free telephone consultation appointment with the Urgent Care or Duty Doctor.

The consultation could be in the form of either a telephone call or a video consultation or alternatively if the problem requires a visual consultation, this could be arranged by the use of a “Link” which allows the patient to send to the surgery a mobile telephone photograph of the bodily area of concern via a surgery internet “Link”.

If the problem requires a face to face consultation this would be set up by the Urgent Care or Duty Doctor.

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Non Urgent Appointment Bookings

All non urgent appointments have at least a 14 day waiting period.

Many Patients have experienced difficulties whilst trying to book a non urgent appointment since they only appear to be available on Monday mornings of each week.

The Practice recognise the problem that patients are having and will be looking into ways in which the problem can be addressed. Watch this space!

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Access to Private Appointments

No Doctor or medical professional belonging to this practice provides a facility to book private appointments.

Private paid appointments with Consultants who operate outside this practice have to be arranged privately by the patient. The practice will upon request provide information (such as data and test results etc that they may hold) for the consultation if requested by the patient. A charge by the Practice may be applied for this service.

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Test Results

It is generally appreciated that patients can only obtain information on test results after a doctor has observed the results and decided if any further action is required in order to address any problem which the results have identified. Telephone requests for test results can only be obtained after 1.30pm.

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Autumn Flu Vaccination Program

The Autumn Flu vaccination program is due to start at this Practice and many patients who qualify for this process are invited to make an appointment to attend on the Saturday morning clinics for this to be carried out. It is a well known fact that vaccination against Flu is very much recommended by medical professionals.

Anyone who can’t attend on Saturday can be accommodated at alternative dates and time. Speak to reception if this applies to you.

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Practice Staffing Update

Several changes to the Practice Staffing have been made since our last Newsletter. See our Healthcare Team page for the current establishment.

Starting Soon:

  • Dr Syed Mubashiruddin, Salaried GP
  • Dr Pricilla Oluwashina, Salaried GP

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Patient Survey Plans

A Patient survey will shortly be introduced with the aim to establish how efficient the practice is operating. It provides essential feedback to address areas of patient dis-satisfaction. During the period the survey is conducted, patients will be invited to take part.

Keep an eye on practice news for further details.